Release Date: December 2009
Running Time: 62 Minutes
Language: Arabic w/English Subtitles
Genre: Documentary
Not Rated



After the fall of Baghdad, terrorism and criminal activity became widespread throughout the city. Iraqis from all walks of life were falling victim, not only to politically motivated violence, but to other terrible crimes, including kidnapping, blackmail and murder, committed by rampant gangs that have dominated the streets of Baghdad. This film strives to shed light on these daily crimes that have been overshadowed by the political turmoil, yet continue to be a major problem in post-invasion Iraqi society.

In her film, director Aida Schlaepfer follows the stories of several Iraqis who had been victimized by these gangs and as a result suffered both physically and emotionally. One family recounts the events that lead to the abduction and murder of their relative, Wissam Rehman, a hopeful contestant on an Iraqi television song competition. Two members from the wealthy Oraibi family discuss how they were abducted but were able to escape to safety and eventually had to flee the country for their lives. And, Rana, a young Iraqi woman, describes her feelings of isolation and paranoia after being abducted from her own home and later abandoned by her father who refused to assist in her release. Today, all of these individuals continue to live in fear, experiencing flashbacks to events that have been permanently etched in their subconscious minds. The film leaves the audience wondering what will happen to Iraq if all of its children continue to experience violence on a daily basis.