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Release Date: November 2007
Running Time: 52 Minutes
Language: Arabic
Genre: Documentary
Not Rated - 
Contains Violent Images



After the fall of Baghdad, criminal activity spread quickly throughout the city. Iraqis from all walks of life were falling victim, not only to politically motivated violence, but to other terrible crimes such as kidnapping, blackmail and murder, that were committed by rampant gangs.

In this documentary, several Iraqis share their stories of unimaginable physical and emotional abuse at the hands of these gangs, including one family s ordeal after the abduction and brutal murder of their son, Wissam, a hopeful contestant on an Iraqi television song competition. And, Rana, a young Iraqi woman, who describes her despair after being abducted from her own home and later on forsaken by her father. These and other stories in the film shed light on the grim situation that Iraqis are enduring daily as a result of this gang related violence.

The DVD includes an interrogation of a real gang caught by Al-Mahdi army, a militant group notorious in their own right. The footage was obtained secretly and has never been shown. It provides a scary look into the mind of an Iraqi gang member and the psychology of violence.

The film was an official selection of the Hollywood Film Festival and many other festivals around the World.

The DVD is in ARABIC with ENGLISH subtitles.

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