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We are always seeking projects in all stages of development for production, co-production or distribution. Our criteria for submission is as follows:

1. Projects must correspond with our mission statement of cultural diversity whether in story, character or other elements.  We are especially interested at this time in Middle Eastern or Islamic and Cross-Cultural stories.

2. All Genres and formats are accepted including the following: Documentary, Educational & Instructional, Short Film, Experimental & Artistic and Feature Film (Drama, Comedy, Horror, Sci-fi, etc.)


3. Completed Projects or those near completion must be submitted via a secure online link. Email us link and include production company name, contact information, date of production, format, credit list, funding source, copyright ownership information and available worldwide rights. If available please include press kit, information on any prior release or exhibition and budget requirements (for near completion projects).


4. All screenplays and documentary proposals must be properly formatted to industry standards (please do NOT send us rough ideas) and accompanied, if available, by any relevant information such as talent or funds attached to the project, budgets, schedules, research material, footage, etc.


5. All written proposals and screenplay submissions must be accompanied by our submission release form. Please print the form, fill out, sign, scan and email to us with the submitted material.  There is no need for this form if the project is a completed or near completion.


6. All submission must be emailed in PDF format to the email address below. Do NOT mail your submission. We will respond to your submission only if the project is accepted. Do NOT mail original material as submissions will NOT be returned.


Can't view the PDF form? Download Adobe Reader free. Or Click here to use the HTML version.


Once we accept your project, we will contact you with our acquisition proposal. Each project is unique and therefore each deal is different. We will determine the best approach for each project whether through development, finding appropriate funding means or by choosing the right distribution method to help maximize the project's potential and help you attain your vision.

We look forward to your projects.

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